Science and Belief

3278764814_4d666f44ee_o-crop Cropped from Morning Prayers by Don Christner. Flickr. (CC BY-ND 2.0)

How much does the natural world feature in the average Christian’s relationship with God? Church leaders often speak about ‘discipleship’, meaning the process of learning what it is to be a Christian and putting that knowledge into practice. The question is, are discipleship and our experience of the created order – trees, water, rocks and stars – held in separate watertight boxes, or are they blended together? One of the leaders in my church, who has a background in physics, preached on this topic last week. His sermon was such a great example of natural theology (learning about God from the things he has made) that I want to share it here – abbreviated and mostly in my own words.[1]

God promised the people of Israel (e.g. in Deuteronomy 28) that if they obeyed him they…

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