Historicity of Matthew and Mark

Theology Still Matters

Who wrote the books of Matthew and Mark.  Early church fathers have said on many occasions that the Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew.  Papias said  “Matthew wrote the oracles in the Hebrew language [or dialect], and every one interpreted them as was able.”  [1]  The church fathers accepted Matthew as the author of the Gospel without question.  If there were any doubt we would have documented evidence of it.  A perfect example would be the book of Hebrews.  Tradition in the east cites the Apostle Paul as the author, but that has been debated since its publication.  In fact the church today still does not know who wrote it.  We read in the scriptures that Matthew was a Levite who happened to be a tax collector.  In the other Gospels Matthew is referred to as “Levi” while…

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