Educating Hans but not Hamish or Henrietta

There is a great and largely unnoticed injustice in todays Britain.  The government is pursuing a policy which discriminates against people because of their nationality and against the poor.  If this was being done by the UK government my Twitter feed would be full of outraged Scots decrying the evils of a Tory government – but it’s not.  This is the policy of the liberal, enlightened progressive Scottish government. One that is entirely shameful – institutionalising discrimination against the poor and the English (and Northern Irish and Welsh).  Try to imagine what the reaction would be if the boot was on the other foot and the UK government paid for EU students to study in England, but refused to pay for Scots!

A shorter version of this articles appears in todays Scotsman

The Scottish government is in a generous mood.   They recently announced that EU students who start their studies in…

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