How To Do You

A Necessary Pain

God has made me increasingly aware of my ability to put everything and everyone else on my to-do list as top priorities to my own neglect. This behavior seems harmless, yet I am growing to understand that it is sinful. My body is the temple of God. When I neglect myself, I am neglecting Gods temple. The King of Kings and Lord or Lords dwells here, it must be cared for with excellence. Some time back, I was brainwashed with the lie that self-care was selfish, unconsciously, I began to value everyone else’s needs above my own. This mindset is no stranger to many, especially women. As we are nurturers, we often wake up early to nurture, work, and care for our loved ones; however, there absolutely must be care given for ourselves. Burn-out and resentment flourish when a person ignores themselves to varying degrees in the name of servanthood…

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