It’s been a good try, but I am Throwing in the towel. 

Jessica Campbell ~ Surrender To Grace

January 1st is filled with bright dreams and great goals. Most of our goals won’t make it past January 15th. In fact, 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February. In fact, on average, the success rate for New Years resolutions is a mere 8%.

Have you gotten to the point where you’re rationalizing it’s not worth attempting the goal of reading through the Bible in 2017? Let me encourage you, then.

So if you’ve made it past February, you have already beat the majority of the odds. Now, how do you finish out your goal of reading the Bible this year?

With Grace.

Missed days can add up quickly when you have real life chaos. Even with best intentions it can be easy to prioritize something else above your reading time. Especially if you are a mom and love to put your tasks in last place. So, here’s a…

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