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Two robbers at cross Two rebels were crucified with Him, one on His right and one on His left. Matthew 27:38

Most likely, the two robbers saw Jesus as they saw themselves, a criminal getting ready to die. Jesus was headed to His death just as they were headed to their death.

There is a saying we sometimes use when God has manifested His power on our behalf and we want to acknowledge that it could not have been anyone but Him: “But God.” Things would have been different, But God! The enemy thought He had me, But God! I couldn’t see my way out, But God! The doctor said, But God!

I believe that there are many But God’s in the story of the two robbers at Calvary. You see, it is obvious that even in the midst of torture, brutality, mockery, insults, and kangaroo courts- Jesus never gave up on His assignment…

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