Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time

Brandon J. Adams

If you’re done reading my odd garglings for the week, perhaps you’d like to peruse some other bloggers.

We all could use a little help at the start of our blogging journeys. The following blogs have less than 100 followers, write from the heart, and merit a glance from you voracious spiritual readers.

I’ll probably make this a semi-regular thing, ten blogs at a time. There will be more later, so if you didn’t make it into this one, please don’t hurt me. I have a family. Waiting in the wings. Someday. I hope.

To qualify for these posts, you must:

  • Produce posts that are semi-frequent and long enough to be of substance
  • Show Biblical maturity
  • Have less than 100 WordPress followers
  • Be willing to pay a service fee of $270.39 and a bag of jellybeans. Cash only, please. (I’ve just been informed that this sort of thing is not kosher, so don’t mind the…

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