The Biblical Review

This Spring Quarter, I am taking a Hebrew Reading course on the book of Psalms. Each week, we are required to translate one, pre-selected Psalm. This post contains a small snippet from my observations, notes, and translation of Psalm 100.


  • 1a: A Song for Thanksgiving
  • 1b: Raise a shout to Yahweh, all the land!
    • 2a: Serve Yahweh in joy
      • 2b: Come before him in exultation.
        • 3a: Know that he is Yahweh // he is God
          • 3b: He created us.
        • 3c: And, indeed, we are his people // the sheep of his pasturage
      • 4a: Come to its gates in thanksgiving, its courts in praise
    • 4b: Laud praise to him
  • 4c: Bless his name.
  • 5: For
    • 5a(1): Yahweh is good
    • 5b(1): From Prehistory is his devotion
    • 5a(2): generation unto generation
    • 5b(2): and his steadfastness.

In following paragraphs, I will briefly attempt to make one point about the Psalm. Unlike what modern reading…

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