What Time Is It?

A Necessary Pain

I’ve been forsaken, rejected, misunderstood

Regardless of hurt, You work for my good

You married me first, called me Your church

Yet I feel empty when my eyes search

For provision, there is no trace of your promise

But in the spirit realm, I have riches unending

Thank you, Holy Spirit for descending

With the heavenly host, I cry HOLY!

Dedicated servant, I worship you only

Today’s the day, my time is now

God will come through, I just don’t know how

But it’s not for me to understand

I rejoice, prepare, fear not, receive and submit to your plan

Like a bird, I eat from your hand

Daddy, I’m listening with everything I am

Temptations are many, surely you can relate

Tempted to grumble, while our minds are reprobate

Rather than complain, I’ll sing and I’ll wait

You created time, you can never be late!

-Lady Jay

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