Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

I am writing this to pastors and church attendees. This Sunday, you have a prime opportunity. People who have a bad taste in their mouth for church may give you another chance to redeem yourself. I know the Pharisee in us wants to rise up and brag on how we are faithful throughout the year while these guests or rare attendees are not, but we are missing the point. They may not come to worship any other time, but they will for whatever reason (family, southern culture, etc.). Please don’t waste the moment!

I have heard many pastors criticize those who came for that one time by saying, “I’ll see you again at Christmas.” This kind of pompous, self-righteous sarcasm is why they don’t come back until Christmas (if they do then).

I want to make a few suggestions to pastors and churches if you are interested in your Easter…

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