How to Frustrate the Enemy

A Necessary Pain

Satan was thrown out of heaven for wanting to be God. He illogically thought that he could outdo the Creator. To irritate Satan, I start by tearing down my idols. When we create, worship, and seek idols we are imitating Satan rather than God. Historically, nations have worshiped the sun, moon, stars, even figures that they made with their own hands like Asherah poles. Modern day believers in Christ worship things like cars, clothes, money, status, titles, and etcetera. When Satan was tempting Jesus in the desert he sneakily promised Him what He already had in exchange for worship. Of course, Jesus denied and fought him with the Word of God. How often do we exchange the temporary pleasures offered by Satan for the worship that he desires? An example would be a person struggling financially that obeys the voice of the enemy by stealing, conniving, and cheating their way…

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