It’s Easter – I’m Offended!

mg_tesco_paper_raggy01I am offended.  In fact I am more than offended. I feel angry, upset and quite nauseated. And it’s all to do with Easter. No I am not offended at Cadbury’s leaving the word Easter out of some of its headings. Nor at I offended at Tesco’s Good Friday beer advert. I expect crass commercialism from Tesco and they never fail to deliver. No – I am offended at what I’ve just heard from the religious person  on the radio.

Imagine this. You are a minister of the Christian church. You are invited on to a national radio station to explain the meaning and message of Easter in a call in program. What a great opportunity! And then this is what you say…

 “I think its ok (that religion is being phased out of Easter) because faith has always been part of real life stuff…”

The presenter asks: In 2017…

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