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Reza Aslan is not without controversy.  You might have heard about him a few months ago Reza Aslan outrages Hindus by eating human brains on CNN when he visited a group of cannibals.  Today I’m going to examine more carefully at Reza Aslan’s reasons that he believe that Jesus before Pilate is a fabrication.  Yes I’m talking about that Reza Aslan.  In 2013 he wrote a book titled “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” in which he has an extended discussion of why he thinks the Gospels’ account of Jesus before Pilate was a fabrication in chapter twelve.

In this post I want to look first at his credentials, then one of the fallacious reasonings in his arguments.  In my next post I will look at more problems with his reasoning.

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