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In my last post, we explored some of the things a victim has to consider before she chooses to leave or stay in an abusive relationship. (Should I go or Should I stay?)  This post will explore the important question of why an abuser believes he is allowed to abuse.  Let me begin by saying that I fully realize that men can be victimsconfused-face-clipart-kAEQW6-clipart and women can be the abuser; for the purposes of this post, I am choosing to refer to the abuser as male and the victim as female since statistics show us that as many as 97% of abusers are male, regardless of the gender of their partner. (Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence) Because of the overwhelming amount of men as aggressor, I am choosing to delve into the reasons why men choose to abuse women.


You’ve heard it many times on this…

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