The Lions Den

Recently a joke was made regarding Christianity online, as well as another empty observation, and these twin broken lines of raw sewage need to be fumigated, then scorched. I’m happy to do it, but please accept a thousandapologies for my mentioning of it, but only to draw attention to the greater point. First the ‘joke’ in light of Good Friday:

God was driving to the hardware store, and the son said, ‘ Dad, don’t forget the nails…………’

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If you are Christian, I’m guessing you did not find this funny. (either way, what was your immediate thought?) If you are Christian however, I would think you found this vile, depraved, obnoxious, and toxic, because you no doubt appreciate how the scriptures point out that men would say such things. Ungodliness is apparently alive and well, as well as clouds without water and raging seas foaming out their own shame.


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