Invisible Illnesses

I once heard a pastor tell the congregation that the eggs and bunny had nothing to do with Easter. He is right, unless you incorporate learning about Jesus into the festivities of hunting eggs. I wrote this to prove it could be done, if it were done correctly. I hope you enjoy.


By: Tina Brown ยฉ1995-2017

Ask it shall be given,
Seek it shall be found.
These words are in the scriptures,
There so lovingly bound.

Children know not the meaning,
In these words read aloud,
But simplified and given help,
They can see through that cloud.

I will hide an egg,
Colored brightly red,
You will search for it,
By wisdom you are lead.

Easily you found,
What you sought after.
Next time wonโ€™t be so easy,
So donโ€™t forget your laughter.

This time green will be the color,
Not so easily seen,
Amid the grassโ€ฆ

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