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We are to take God’s name seriously.  Last time we talked about one of the most obvious way people misuse God’s name, and that is when they use it as an expression of profanity or irritation.  Indulgence is another way people misuse God’s name.  This is when we attempt to excuse ourselves and blame God for something we have done.  We say things like, “God didn’t want me to clean the house today.”  Or, “I didn’t feel led to get out of bed.”  God gets blamed for so much that He had nothing to do with.  But God does speak and He does guide us if we are open.  We need to be careful about using God as a cover to indulge ourselves.

Some people use God’s name to manipulate or intimidate.  They say things like, “God told me what you should do.  God told me what’s wrong with you.” …

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