Homecoming (Part 1 of 3)

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

The following three posts comprised my Easter sermon this past Sunday at Cliftondale Congregational Church in Saugus, MA. Part 2 will post tomorrow and part 3 on Wednesday. If audio becomes available I will link to that as well…

One of the shows that Mandi and I like to watch is Gotham. It is a very interesting show set in DC Comics’ fictional Gotham City. The show focuses on the adventures of Det. James Gordon, who in the future, will be the same Commissioner Gordon who becomes a main ally of the Batman. But that is a long way off. Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) is just a young boy.

However, Gotham is already in serious trouble, and the idealistic Det. Gordon finds himself the lone uncorrupt cop in the city. While all the cops are bad, they are bad to varying degrees, and Gordon eventually finds an ally (or someone he believes…

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