Jolt – Daily Prompt

Invisible Illnesses

My husband isn’t doing as well as he should be doing after a laparoscopic gallbladder removal. He had a lot of scar tissue built up around the gallbladder from it being inflamed. The doctor showed us pictures today, it was pretty awesome to see what the doctor sees. He did go back to work last week, but came home cranky and in a lot of pain. He wasn’t actually cranky towards me, just towards the fact that he could not work.

Our debt is mounting and we will be climbing out of this hole for a while. But that is okay in my book as long as my husband’s health is taken care of first. I can rearrange bills and satisfy some with partial payments as I need to.

My health, on the other hand, has taken a jolt from the stress. I have worried about my husband healing properly…

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