Welp, I got scammed.


They say a sucker’s born every minute, and well, that sucker…was me.


*Sigh* I am not proud of this. But alas, here goes…

Ever since my mom’s stroke, I’ve always thought that it would be a good idea to get a dog. A little source of positivity running around at our feet. A little therapeutic nugget for my mom to nurture and take care of.

So I did what any good millennial would do — and shopped for one on the internet.

And let me tell you — I found the cutest teacup poodle. Yes, teacup poodle…as in, it fits…in a teacup. It only gets to be about 3 pounds. More squeak toy than ferocious fido, but the perfect little bundle of canine joy.

I was in contact with the seller. Made travel arrangements. They had a beautiful website. I had read the…

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