Nobody knows the trouble that I’ve seen
Nobody knows my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble that I’ve seen
Glory hallelujah

Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen

Sam Cooke


(Yellow finch / Julie Cook / 2017)

So the new phone cable that AT&T had to run after lightning fried our phones and internet a week ago, has sat these many days waiting to be buried.  When things which are suppose to be buried are not buried .. that is when they should be… bad things can happen.

The crew came out Thursday.

The backhoe dug a wide deep hole by our mailbox… but then the crew threw up the orange safety netting and, well, departed.

Saturday morning our neighbor had some guys cutting her yard.  For whatever reason, one of the guys thought it wise to cut the long black cable running off the phone pole near her driveway and proceeded…

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