Susan Irene Fox

On this continuing journey of a thousand steps and more, on earth hand in hand with Jesus, in the embrace of my Father, I find peace of indescribable beauty.

My journey with Jesus is difficult for many to understand; for Jews, for Muslims, for atheists – even for Christians. I subscribe to a loving, grace-filled theology. To me, unconditional love for neighbors, for enemies, for immigrants, for refugees – in other words, unconditional acceptance – is a stronger and more accurate worldview than the opposite.

When I read the red-letter words in the Gospels section of the New Testament in a book called, The Bible, I see hope, compassion and inclusion. Those four narratives – three first-person, eye-witness accounts (Matthew, Luke and John), and one second-hand report (Mark) based on his close relationship with the apostle Peter – inform the basis of my certainty about Jesus’ words and…

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