In the World of Fake News a Truth we can all Rely on – Article in Mail on Sunday

This is the Easter Essay I wrote for the Mail on Sunday….another great opportunity to get the gospel into the secular press.  For once I thought there headline was much better than mine – and their stand out quote was superb! Click the link to see the article in its original form

Easter-Essay-DAR (1)

Easter Truth

Article for Mail on Sunday – 16th April 2017

There is an old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. If that’s true then I suspect that many of us will be feeling particularly cursed!  It’s hard to know where to turn next – Syria, North Korea, Islamist terrorism, Brexit, the possibility of another searchScottish Independence referendum. Everything seems so uncertain.   If that is true in a national and international sense, I suspect that many of us are more preoccupied with more local matters (schools, hospitals, work) and more personal (ill health…

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