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Revelation 7: 1-3
The End Times

In my last post, we concluded our journey in Revelation 6 as the sixth of the sevensealswas opened.  In this post, we begin to explore Revelation 7, which is an interlude before the Seventh Seal is opened at the beginning of Chapter 8.

The Interlude

 Chapter 7 is an interlude between the Sixth and Seventh Seals, though some see it as part of the Sixth Seal.  It is divided into two sections, each dealing with a different group, one group on earth, the other in heaven.  Like Chapters 4-6, Yeshuaagain provides Yochanan with visions of what is occurring on earth and in heaven simultaneously through the seven years of tribulation.

Oliver Greene writes concerning the nature of Chapter 7: [1]

Chapter 7 of Revelation is parenthetical. In this chapter, we look away from the breaking…

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