Thinking Out Loud

Click the image for the story behind today’s lead picture. Welcome to today’s WLL, which a Tuesday night internet outage and the season finale of Trial and Error couldn’t stop.

  • Observation of the Week: Is your pastor burned out after a busy Easter season. Have you thought of inviting them over for dinner? Rethink that. “Even when we do try to do something nice – perhaps, we invite them over for dinner – we don’t realize that we are still taking his time away from quality (and very necessary) family time. And, we usually just end up talking about church stuff anyway, so he’s really not getting away from work.”
  • Speculative Theology: Did a post-crucifixion Jesus go looking for a post-suicide Judas?
  • Provocative Title of the Week: “Sunday Schooling our Kids out of Church.” Samples: “…kids and parents were separated from each other, having different Sunday experiences…” “…we…

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