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“Where’s my girl?”

These are the first words my son speaks when he pads out of his bedroom after nap time.

His hair is a mess of bed-head and he’s rubbing his eyes with the blanket still in his fist, but he has one thought on his mind.  “My girl.”

“Your girl?” I ask.

“Where’s my girl?  Where’s Catherine?”

This is the nickname he has given his bigger sister these last few weeks: “My girl.”

“Can I go see my girl at the school?”

“Can I sit next to my girl in the van?”

“I want to paint a picture for my girl.”

He even went so far as to proclaim that Catherine is “My best girl ever in the world.”

Catherine, of course, loves all the affection.

I think it’s pretty cute myself, although I must say most other moms  of boys told me he would have his first…

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