Predictions and trajectories: What will the Church in Scotland look like in 30 years?

This article first appeared in Christian Today earlier this week.

The fourth Scottish Church Census is a thorough piece of work, as you would expect from the excellent Peter Brierley organisation. Supported by all Scotland’s major Churches, it gives an accurate big picture of what many of us feared was the case in Church in Scotland today.

The headline news is that it is declining rapidly. As someone who has been saying this for years I feel more than a little vindicated to have the information that proves it. Given that the Church in Scotland has declined 50 per cent in the past 30 years, down to 389,500, I thought I might use my prophetic gifts to look forward to the next 30.

The Church in Scotland is facing sharp decline.Reuters

So what will the Church look like in 2047? It is impossible to foresee with any certainty…

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