Apostle Paul and the Book of Acts

Theology Still Matters

Paul was the greatest missionary and evangelist in the history of the Christian church.  His background as a Pharisee gave him a great understanding of Jewish law.  He used this to his advantage on several occasions.  Though his greatest missionary trips were to gentile lands he used his rabbinical training to relate to Jews as well.  In Philemon 3:5 Paul calls himself the “Hebrew of Hebrews.” [1]   This phrase indicates that Paul was born of Jewish parents and probably learned “Aramaic and traditional Jewish customs at home.” [2]  He was trained by the Pharisee Gamaliel who is mentioned in Acts 5:34-39 as saying if Christianity is not of God it will die out [3].  Paul deviated from the advice of his teacher and did everything to destroy the church prior to his conversion.

There is little, if any, information about the early life…

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