Broken But Priceless Magazine Article: Establishing Community Support

Heather Bock

by Heather Bock

This week I have the honor to have an article published in an online magazine: Broken But Priceless on a topic about which I feel very strongly. Here’s the start of it, but I hope you’ll click to read the rest at the magazine itself.

Community Support

Eleven years ago, shortly after we moved across the country, my husband and I joined a small group of young couples. Seasons went by, and a few couples left and a few others came aboard, but the core remained stable as baby after baby was added to the mix. We threw each other baby showers, rotated a carpet cleaner, and combined garage sales. We ate Thanksgiving meals, our kids hunted for Easter eggs, and we studied Scripture together. We shared our passions, tears, and anxiety with each other. In fact, we became a family.

Then, first one, then another of these couples…

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