2017 Colloquium: Practical Information

Teaching the Codex

Please go to the Lodge upon arrival. There will be signs directing you to the T.S. Eliot Lecture Theatre, where the colloquium will be taking place.

Map of Merton

Map from the Merton College website.

Getting to Merton:

Address: Merton College, Merton Street, Oxford, OX1 4JD


For those travelling from London, we strongly recommend taking the X90 or Oxford Tube buses, rather than the train. Get off at the Queen’s Lane stop, and turn down Logic Lane, which will take you out onto Merton Street.


Oxford’s railway station is just under a mile’s walk from Merton. If you would prefer not to walk, you can take the 5 or the 13 bus towards the city centre, and get off the bus on the High Street. You can then turn down Logic Lane, and come out onto Merton Street.


If you are driving, we recommend parking at one of the 

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