Susan Irene Fox

I am a woman who reached out to touch the robe of Jesus, but in the surge of the crowd, was swept back, and my fingertips fell short. (Luke 8:44-48)

Perhaps that’s why I so easily recognize shame, am so sensitive to grace, am so willing to offer compassion. Because I am left with a thorn – the cycling between depression and hypomania of bipolar disorder.

I wonder if that’s why Jesus was given a crown of thorns to wear; for those of us who were swept back by the surge of crowds, unable to reach Him, to touch His robe, to be instantaneously healed. Conceivably, this was another declaration of His compassion toward those of us who are chosen to live by grace alone.

He said to me, “My grace is enough to cover and sustain you. My power is made perfect in weakness.” So ask me…

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