Are You Hearing Me?

A Necessary Pain

Feeling unheard usually prompts several responses. Either one doubts the validity of themselves and what they have to say, they shut up and shut down, or they reconfirm within themselves what they believe to be true and get louder. The question remains, do we continue to attempt to convince others? Have we convinced ourselves? Do we truly believe without a shadow of a doubt that God will do exactly what He said? It is biblical that we are not to through our pearls to swine that is to persistently and consistently present Godโ€™s beauty to a beast. Also, we are not to waver in our faith constantly attempting to convince ourselves of what we believe which we profess on nearly a daily basis. Nevertheless, we are not to stop witnessing or stop believing. How can we be sure that we believe what we say we believe? You know it, testโ€ฆ

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