Biblical Studies Carnival, April 2017 – With a Hint of Theology and Philosophy

Theologians, Inc.


Larry Hurtado takes a look at ‘The Form of God‘ as it appears in Philo and Paul.

The Guardian isn’t typically where I look for evidence of the existence of Jesus (nor is it strictly a blog, but this was interesting enough to merit inclusion), but Simon Gathercole presents a few of the more compelling pieces of historical evidence for Jesus.

Christianity Today interviews Mike Licona on the (seeming?) contradictions and inconsistencies in the Gospels (again, not strictly a blog, but certainly biblical-studies-related).

When did communion go from being an actual meal to a ritual meal?

Mike Bird gives a brief overview of and bibliography for the ‘continuing exile’ thesis defended most prominently by N.T. Wright.

For the beer drinkers among us: beer in Mesopotamia

Depictions of Easter in a twelfth century manuscript.

A fascinating look at negotiation in Ezra-Nehemiah

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