Satan, Society & Sinful Hearts

Jessica Campbell ~ Surrender To Grace

Happy May Day!
• 1 Chronicle 14-15

• Psalm 132

• Matthew 18

Matthew 18:33 NLT

Shouldn’t you have mercy on your fellow servant, just as I had mercy on you?


The story of the unforgiving debtor:

(My own recap)

A man owed his master more than a million dollars. His master was going to sell him & his family to pay his debt. The man begged to have his master be patient with him, so he may pay him back. The master had pity on him & forgave his entire (very large) debt.

The man who was forgiven then went to his servant who owed him only a few thousand dollars. He demanded to be paid back immediately. When his asked for a little more time, he denied it and threw him in jail. When the debtor’s master realized he had done such a thing to his own…

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