Chabad’s missionary agenda – 2. Making 770 houses worldwide

Yad L'Achim Watch יד לאחים צג

Replicas of the 770 house in New York can now be seen all over the world.   770 is considered a holy number which Chabad followers have as car licence plates, custom cell phone numbers and other things.  Our 6+ years of research in to Ultra Orthodox Jewish groups who appear to want to ‘rescue’ Jews who have become believers in Jesus back into traditional Judaism actually have an agenda to make Jews followers of a false Messiah Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.   This man was an ordinary Rabbi who bought this house and used it to teach, and people became overly zealous after his death in 1994 considering him a Messiah figure.

The original house was bought in 1950.  Its in 770 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, New York 11213, USA.  It wasn’t designed as an original synagogue or Jewish teaching place, it was a medical center.

Los Angeles.

Tacoma, Washington


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