Why We Need A Return To Rational Thinking – Solas Magazine Spring 2017



I have just been reading the latest Solas magazine – it is OUTSTANDING!  Every article is a gem.  I’m so proud of what Scott and his team have done…fascinating articles on Malta; Refugee camps; Being the Truth; The Joy of Creation; Respect (this from a wonderful 18 year old Spanish girl); The Speakers Character (from an Italian pastor); Reformation (Mike Reeves in fine form);  Donald Trumps Foreign Policy (Jonathan Aitken); the United Arab Emirates; Scars of the Reformation; The Sellout – a Review; Interview with Jonathan Viera; Mark Hadley on Recognising a Good Review; the Andy Bannister Column.

I would highly recommend you getting a copy – online, digital, from your local Christian bookshop or order here: Here – Solas Magazine

The following is my editorial:

Solas Editorial – Spring 2017

Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of Solas. Apologies that it is a bit behind schedule but we are…

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