Responding to the Bart Ehrman/Bauer Thesis


Over the years I have studied a good deal about the birth of the Christian faith. When I mean ‘birth’ I mean the rise of the Jesus movement pre 70 AD. I am well aware that many people view Christianity through the events of the Council of Nicaea or at a much later date than 70 AD. There is still an ongoing debate as to when we actually have an official Christianity. Anyway, I have always found the period of 33 a.d to 70 AD to be immensely important for the following reasons:

First, we still have the skeptic community preaching that the Jesus story is the result of some sort of religious syncretism. In other words, supposedly there is nothing original about the Jesus story! Secondly, we have people like Bart Ehrman writing books like Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew which causes…

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