Doubting Thomas Could be My Patron Saint!

Jesus Without Baggage

Do you have difficulty accepting some things believers claim with certainty as God’s very truth? Do you sometimes question things you were taught in church and Sunday school?

Then you might be a doubter. Well I am a doubter too—and we are in good company! In fact, one of Jesus’ own disciples was a doubter to the point that doubt is permanently associated with his memory—poor ole ‘Doubting’ Thomas. After his one incident of doubt he would never be plain Thomas again. He is forever suspect among the disciples for his refusal to believe in Jesus’ resurrection; why couldn’t he just have faith like the other disciples?

But I think Thomas gets a bad rap. Because, you see, doubt is not so terrible a thing. Would it be better if we remembered Thomas as ‘Gullible’ Thomas? ‘Just tell Thomas anything and he will believe it. Good ole ‘Gullible’ Thomas! You can…

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