The Return of the Tories? – A Guide to the UK Election in Scotland

Do you feel like Brenda?
I think a lot of us are getting fed up of politics – even those political geeks like me who are fascinated by it.  Referendums, local elections, national elections – it does seem never-ending.  But for me the biggest problems is the dumbed down tribalism, the twitterisation of politics.   I was going to make this blog a complete politics free zone until after the June the 8th general election, but then I reflected and thought it might be helpful to each week look at some of the issues involved.  Not from the perspective of advocating one particular party (something I am not inclined to do now anyway- although in the interests of full disclosure  I am normally an SNP voter and supporter) but rather trying to give us some guidance on what we hope our politicians will do.  So in the next couple of…

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