Don’t Drift and Stay Seated

A Necessary Pain


Intentional. God is very much aware of the enormous insufficiency in my life; however, he refuses to move on my behalf. The insufficiency as such is manifested as a fire. The fire has multiple benefits. Disclaimer: not all fires in our lives are for the same purposes, consider Job. This particular inferno, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is to draw out the bold believer that wants nothing more than to be used by God, who relies completely on God, and without a shadow of a doubt knows that God will provide. I drifted. How far? So far that God had to put me back in the fire to get my attention. I craved equivalent blessings that I received when my position was the same prior to my drifting. I wanted to hear from God but listen to the world.

I desired promotion from On High but my faith…

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