Paul and Galatia

Theology Still Matters

The occasion and purpose of Paul writing to the Galatians was to combat a false doctrine that had infiltrated the church at Galatia.  Paul preached the Gospel, people accepted it, and Paul moved on to another journey.  While he was gone “The church had been infiltrated by false teachers who Paul those ‘who are trouble to you.’ These teachers convinced the Galatians of a false Gospel that requires them to be circumcised.”  [1]  Lea and Black state that “those who desired to receive Christian salvation must also submit to Jewish law.”  [2]  Those that were against Paul in Galatia were given the term Judaizers.  Basically they were Jews  “who seemed more interested in opposing the preaching of Christ rather than to subverting what Paul taught.”  [3]  These Jewish legalizers are more interested in pleasing the Jewish authorities “by showing how…

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