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Blessings today! The stats tell me this post has been read the most of any posted by Beholding Him Ministries. I am posting it today as a follow-up to our becoming ‘fishers of men.’ Since we are called to fish men, let us not overlook anyone.

Joshua 6
23 Joshua said to the two men who had spied out the land,
“Go into the prostitute’s house and bring her out and all who belong to her,
in accordance with your oath to her.”
23 So the young men who had done
the spying went in and brought out Rahab, her father and mother,
her brothers and sisters and all who belonged to her. They brought out her
entire family and put them in a place outside the camp of Israel. 
24 Then they
burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and
the articles…

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