The Pastor Eaten by Crocs, The Humanist Mass Murderer and the Fake News of Atheism

This article originally appeared on the Premier Website blog.

Did you see the story about the pastor who was eaten by crocodiles in Zimbabwe after trying to emulate Jesus walking on the water?


The story, published in The Metro and Daily Mail, was seized upon by our secular humanist atheist friends with glee. “Words fail me” posted one secularist official. “This is what religion does to you” stated another. They could hardly contain their glee.

The only trouble is the story was completely fake.

Of course any intelligent person who didn’t have their prejudiced glasses on, would have worked out fairly quickly that it was fake. I loved the bit when the church deacon said “one minute he was there and the next all we saw was a pair of sandals and his underwear floating on the water” – as if the posh crocs undressed him before ingesting!


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