Susan Irene Fox

©Lester Kern, 2/26/55-9/11/2010

catholic: all-embracing, all-inclusive, open-minded

Faith is professed with the lips and with the heart, through words and through love.  (Pope Francis)

I call myself a follower of Jesus; my choice of label is intentional.

Too many times, I’ve heard accusations and condemnation emanating from the lips and hearts of my Christian brothers and sisters. Too many times’ well-intentioned Christians expect the calling out of sin to produce fruit; it doesn’t. Too many times this behavior catapults people away from the unconditional love and exceptional grace of God.

Not that this is exclusive to Christians; Jews and Muslims can be just as critical and disapproving of their own. And those who are discipled from one religion to another, as I am, are subject to the slings and arrows of misguided people of two religions.

When I first began blogging, I had a few haters and trolls…

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