A Word in Edgewise

A few weeks ago I announced to my president that I had accepted a position as Associate Dean in the Biblical and Theological Studies Department at Wheaton College.  Dr. Furr, always gracious, received the news with a kind disposition.  So my wife and I will be moving to Wheaton, IL, in mid-summer to take on those responsibilities. Wheaton college sign

The decision to leave Houston Graduate School of Theology (HGST) for Wheaton was a difficult one.   The gravity of family, friends, ministry, and familiarity with Houston were not easy to break.  My family has lived in and around Houston for 27 years.  All our children and grandchildren live close by.  And we have a grand-daughter on the way!  She should make her entrance in less than one month.  In addition, the mission of HGST is very important, and its challenges are great.  Still, President Furr has done an excellent job setting the…

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