SBL Handbook of Style

Scholarly authors frequently reference a type of work that comprises a number of essays on a well-defined topic and that serves to introduce and/or summarize the state of the field of study at a given point in time. These works are often identified as handbooks or companions within the title, but not always. In some cases only the contents of the work offer a clue as to its nature. Several authors have expressed uncertainty about how to cite these standard works, so we decided to devote a post to citing them in a traditional (i.e., footnote; not author-date) citation system.


For the most part, citations of handbooks, companions, and the like follow the pattern for other collections of essays written by various individuals (see SBLHS §6.2.12).

1. The footnote citation should identify the author and the title of the essay, the work in which the essay appears, and the…

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