Science and Belief

new-zealand-lake-mountain-landscape-37650-crop.jpegSometimes science can throw in questions that seem to upend theology completely, but is that a bad thing? In the end, faith can come out of those conversations far stronger and deeper than before. I recently spoke to Dr Nicola Hoggard Creegan, a theologian with a scientific background who is now the Project Development Officer for a new initiative called New Zealand Christians in Science. Nicola’s own faith went through a similar process of being tested and then reaffirmed, and she still appreciates the ways in which science can make theologians think.

Can I find out what got you interested in science and faith in the first place?

It goes a long way back. My parents taught science, so I came from quite a scientific background. They were also Roman Catholic, so I read Teilhard de Chardin very early and he absolutely inspired me. I think I had given up…

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