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Some of the most challenging issues in biblical studies and theology are also the most rewarding. To help you tackle the doctrines and passages that have challenged theologians over the centuries, we’ve pulled together five essential courses by scholars like Michael Heiser, Craig Keener, and Peter Leithart.

You can get this bundle for 70% off until June 9. Don’t miss your chance to dig into these fascinating topics with help from the experts.

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How should we interpret Revelation?

Premil? Amil? Postmil? Panmil? Decide for yourself with help from notable NT Scholar Craig Keener in Book Study: Revelation. Understand the many difficult passages in the book of Revelation and explore challenging topics like the mark of the beast, the 144,000, the tribulation, heavenly combat, the millennium and more.

How do justification, faith, and good works relate?

Are Paul’s and James’ views of justification at odds? How do we reconcile justification by faith with the New Testament insistence on good works? Understand the interdependence of these core concepts for Christian faith and living with help from Dr. Michael Allen in Law and Gospel: The Basics of Christian Ethics.

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What is the New Perspective on Paul?

The new perspective on Paul has redefined the bounds of theological discussions around the atonement and justification by faith alone. Dr. Stephen Chester has devoted his career to these doctrines and will equip you to understand all of the positions and players. His balanced appraisal will help you come to your own conclusions on this contemporary theological debate. Get Perspectives on Paul: Reformation and the New Perspective in the Tackling Tough Topics bundle to save… more at the source.

Source: Logos Bible Software Blog

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