Violence is to be found at the core of the Christian religion. Not only did the figure at the very heart of the Christian faith meet his end through the violence of crucifixion, but the history of the religion he inspired is filled with violence, from Catholic–Protestant and Anglican–Puritan conflicts, to the inquisitions and crusades, to the European “wars of religion” following the Reformation. Moreover, the corpus of texts composed in response to the burgeoning faith-movement in Jesus is replete with violence, particularly threats of eschatological violence. While much could be written on the use of violence in the New Testament, whether it is violence within history (e.g., Acts 5:1–11) or at history’s end (e.g., 2 Thess 1:6–10), this series of blog posts will examine Revelation 19:11–21, a pericope that is a key depiction of Christ carrying out eschatological violence in the New Testament.

The book of Revelation is a…

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