BOOK REVIEW – God’s Undertaker, Part 1

A Lawyer's Prayers

Despite the advances in science, nagging questions remain as relating to origins and meaning.  “How did the world begin?”  “How did life arise?”  “What are we doing here?”

Renowned Christian apologist and Oxford University Professor of Mathematics, John Lennox, explores these questions and the ongoing debate between science and religion in God’s Undertaker – Has Science Buried God?

Atheists tend to view believers as ignorant, deluded, or intellectually lazy.  Lennox contests this.  He begins by pointing out that:

  • God, as Christians understand Him, is far more than a “God of the gaps” (an explanation supplied when natural explanations are not readily available). He is the source of all explanations.
  • Christianity is not a “blind” faith. Rather, it is evidence-based.
  • Many famous scientists were inspired by their belief in a Creator [1].
  • Many respected scientists are believers, even today.

Lennox makes a compelling case that the fine-tuned universe we inhabit; the…

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